Manufacturing Unit

Manufacturing Ability

Vibe Technologies has more than 15 years of manufacturing experience in Relay. We can satisfy all of our customers’ requirements including quality, price, delivery by our innovative processes and facilities, prompt production ability, advanced and automated assembly ability, and high precision testing facilities, etc.

Production Management


Flexible deployment of production plants

Under excellent plan of production capacity, we can achieve on time delivery by the most effective coordination for instant production.


Flexible production schedule

We have equipped with automated facilities, most of them are design by ourselves. By such modularized automation, we can promptly respond to various requirements from our customers and greatly enhance our capacity and efficiency.


Effective control of production cost

Under our strict quality management and precise cost control through each of manufacturing processes, we aim to achieve the best customer satisfaction.

Innovative Process

We design our new products by using advanced skills and innovative processes which are developed by our R& D team. At the product design phase, equipment engineers and manufacturing staff discuss frequently the overall features of our products and figure out the most optimal process for each of products. To sum up, we have developed our products and manufacturing equipments through integration of production processes which also become the key success for us to achieve efficient and mass production.

Electromechanical Relay

Varieties of Relays offered by Vibe Technologies:

  • 3 Pin Horn Relay
  • 4 Pin Horn Relay
  • GPS Relay
  • 4 Pin Micro Relay
  • 5 Pin Micro Relay
  • Mini 6 Amp Auto Relay
  • 5 Pin Auto Relay

Electromechanical Relay 1

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Electromechanical Relay 2

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Electromechanical Relay 3

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GPS Coupler

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Panic Button

Panic Button 1

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Panic Button 2

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Panic Button 3

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Panic Button 4

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Thimble 1

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Thimble 2

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